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Walkie Lingo                    

How to talk on the walkie

Susan for NAME

Go for NAME

What’s your 20? – Where are you

Copy – Okay

10-4 – Okay

10-1 – I have to pee/step away

10-2 – I have to… take longer in the bathroom

Hot brick – fresh walkie battery

Cold brick – dead walkie battery

Go to 2 – private conversation on the walkie

While Filming               

Lock it up – Set PAs make sure the doors are secured and everyone is quiet

Quiet on set – quiet on set

Pictures up- camera is ready and we are about to roll

Rolling – camera is on and recording

Sound speeds – sound is on and recording

Action – everyone be so quiet

Cut – the scene is over, resume talking

Working quiet – not rolling, be quiet

Crafty – snacks on set

Martini shot – last shot of the night

The Abby – 2nd to last shot of the night

86 & Strike– get rid of something/never mind

Reset - Most likely means we may still be rolling, means to put everything back to the top of the scene to go again 

Back to one - just like reset, means we are starting back over in the same place we just were 

Flying in - an item or person is on their way to set

To Greek something - means a label on a product is showing and we need to cover it up

A “hot” set - means a set or location is currently set for shooting and nothing should be touched or moved in the space

A Call sheet - schedule you receive every day. Every one will have a different call time and it will have all the important notes for the next day 

Last looks - looking over everything one last time (HMU wardrobe and art)

That’s a wrap – we’re done for the day!

Apple Box - A wooden box, comes in multiple sizes


Points - someone is carrying something sharp or large near you, so move out of the way

Learn more set lingo here!


Set Lingo      

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