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The Perfect Score: An Interview with Ethan Stafford

Interview Conducted by: Lilly Heidari and Susan Swavely

“For me, it’s been the step out of college into the professional world. It’s a completely different experience working on student film sets… with the internship I did with Holy Irresistible, as well as Killing Time... you really are getting experience being on a professional set...” - Ethan Stafford

This was Western Carolina University senior Ethan Stafford’s response on how Local Cinema has impacted his professional life. Watch the whole interview to hear more about Ethan’s start in the industry, goals and passions, and what he’s up to now.

In our interview, we talk with Ethan about how he got interested in filmmaking, his passions, favorite memories, and favorite departments on set as well as his experience with Local Cinema Studios working as an intern on BRUISER and HOLY IRRESISTIBLE.

Read Ethan's blog here

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