Who We Are

Local Cinema Studios bridges the gap from academia to industry for students who are interested in filmmaking. We collaborate with students, recent graduates, and professionals that are passionate about narrative filmmaking. We work with universities and the cities they inhabit to enhance education, forward careers, provide opportunity and encourage creativity. By connecting students to real film production opportunities, we bring productions to life that are not possible within other filmmaking models. Our projects empower new voices while also building up the communities they represent.


To be a filmmaker

To tell a story

To perform

To create

For many, the path to realizing these passions begins with their commitment to years of education. They learn basic skills. They hone their craft. They graduate with energy, optimism and high hopes.


Of the students who are incredibly talented, hardworking, and excellent team players, a small percentage will eventually break into the industry. For the majority, after a three to ten year phase of part time projects, they may find themselves in front of the right person with the right project at the right time. Some who have time and access to a network and finance may fund their own projects only to find a limited market for distributing them. Actors, without an active agent, or a significant portfolio of work to obtain one, have an equally difficult path. 

That is why Local Cinema Studios exists. We bring productions to life and make Indie possible.



Meet The Team        



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