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Social Capital Ambassadors      

What are Social Capital Ambassadors?

Social Capital Ambassadors are volunteers who make non-profit Indie filmmaking work. They're locals who know people and like to make connections. They believe in the creative process of making a movie and understand it takes a village.


As a Social Capital Ambassador (SCA), you will play many roles during the making of a movie. You might help find housing, locations, or extras. You might be an extra. You might help us find a hard-to-find prop: a red pick-up truck, a deck of Pokemon cards, a flock of chickens. You might bake the cast and crew muffins for a night shoot. You might know a restaurant or caterer that wants to donate a meal. The options are endless—and entirely in your hands to choose how you want to contribute!

SOCIAL CAPITAL (1640 × 856 px).png

SCA's help make projects not only an enjoyable experience, but also a possible experience.

Benefits of Being a Social Capital Ambassadors?

Being a Social Capital Ambassador benefits Local Cinema Studios and the cast and crew who work on set, including many students. It also benefits you! As an SCA you are able to get experience being on a filmset, build your network, contribute to an exciting creative project, and get feel good feelings. Also, you'll be invited to the first exclusive film screenings and an honorary member of the Local Cinema Studios family.

Click the "GO SCA" button below to be added to an email list with ways to get involved as the projects move along. Feel free to invite a friend.

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