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Behind the Scenes of HERO

As fall approaches and students re-enter the classroom, the Local Cinema Studios team is taking the opportunity to reflect on what we were able to accomplish with students over summer break. In just six weeks (after several months of pre-production), we filmed the feature film HERO. There were 20+ students and recent graduates involved in the project—and countless high fives and laughs on set. We were lucky enough to have the Pierson Collective create a behind this scenes video so you can hear firsthand about the magical culture on set and watch feel good moments of the high fives in action.

As this video highlights, students and recent grads passionate about filmmaking took on new (to them) roles on the filmset of HERO to work alongside professors and industry professionals. In the process, they learned the technical aspects of filmmaking as well as the culture of what it means to be a filmmaker. This includes getting up early, staying up late, and what it takes to pull several people with different backgrounds together to achieve one common goal.

Carly Siegel, a leading actor and production assistant on the film said, “It doesn’t feel like there is a gap between students and professionals. It feels like we are one coherent group.” And that is how Local Cinema Studios knows this project is a success. In an industry known for treating people poorly, we’re proud to continuously create a collaborative space where every voice is heard and treated with respect.

That’s what our group has been able to do, come together quick and get comfortable together,” Anthony Currie, lead actor in HERO, describing the community that students, professors, and industry professionals created when they came together to make a film.

Yet, you don’t have to take our word for it, watch the video to hear interviews from the team behind HERO and to learn about the experience of cast members and how it impacted their lives and careers. This project was a collaboration between Local Cinema Studios, The University of South Carolina, and the South Carolina Film Commission to create art while engaging the local community of Columbia, SC.

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