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Featuring The Grand Strand in Summer 2023…

The panelists have spoken. This year, after reading 50+ amazing scripts, industry professionals on the script selection committee made the challenging—and exciting—decision to move forward with just one script: The Grand Strand written and directed by Luke Lowder.

Panelist Myles Isreal says, “one of the reasons the script stood out to me so much is how well written it is. The story is both informative and beautifully told with lively and believable characters, and as a writer myself that resonates with me a lot.”

The Grand Strand is a coming-of-age drama set in the Carolinas. The story follows Levi, a fourteen-year-old boy being raised by his elderly grandfather on their sprawling North Carolina chicken farm. When his grandfather succumbs to a heart condition, Levi must choose between going into foster care as a teenager, or living with his only remaining family, his aunt and uncle and their two kids...

The fictional story is grounded with elements from Lowder's life. It will be produced by South Carolina filmmaker Dustin Whitehead. The Director of Photography is South Carolina native Jared Freeman, who is looking forward to filming in his home state.

The Get on Set Initiative is funded by the South Carolina Film Commission and supported by the University of South Carolina. The initiative will provide internships and experience on a professional film set to South Carolina students and recent graduates. These students will have the unique opportunity to grow skills while expanding the film crew, community, and economic impact in South Carolina.

The Grand Strand will be filmed in summer of 2023 across South Carolina, and on Lowder’s family farm in North Carolina. Aligning with Local Cinema’s mission to incorporate film into communities and communities into film, we will partner with local ambassadors who will have the opportunity to host meals, visit the set, or even be extras in the film. For more information on how to get involved please contact:

Local Cinema Studios is excited to partner with The Grand Strand team to share the Southeast inspired film with the community, knowing this universally human story will impact far beyond. Panelist Joshua Foster says, "Inspired by such great hangout films as Dazed and Confused and George Washington, Luke Lowder's coming-of-age project THE GRAND STRAND spends an eventful and life affirming Summer with fourteen-year-old Levi in Myrtle Beach, SC."

Follow The Grand Strand on Instagram (@thegrandstrand) and watch the journey unfold!


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