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  • Amanda Grupp

South Carolina HERO Film Founded in Friendship

It started with friendship. Both the story within the film HERO and the story behind the creation of the project itself begin with meaningful relationships built on support and the beauty of navigating the challenges of life.

HERO is a film that was born from the friendship of Dustin Whitehead, Myles Isreal, and Josh Russell. They knew they wanted to create a film together and started by discussing impactful moments from their lives, several of which are the foundation of the narrative in HERO. They decided to take these personal experiences, place them within a unique narrative, and share it with the world. Myles Isreal, HERO writer, worked his magic with words and incorporated personal aspects of his life—Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?—into a script that will make you laugh as readily as it may make you cry.

The story is a coming of age dramedy of a misfit artist who is trying to find his place in the world while stepping up for his pregnant ex-girlfriend (yes, ex—complicated right?).

The cast and crew couldn’t be more excited to start production on the film in May 2022. Like the theme of this film’s creation, several are friends from working on previous Local Cinema Studios productions or being in classes together. The process of creating a film together is also the process of creating a community of humans that connect and will reunite over and over. HERO is a passion project as much as it is a job or internship.

HERO is funded by the South Carolina Film Commission and supported by the University of South Carolina and will provide internships and course credit to students from multiple universities in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. The project will provide these students with a unique opportunity to gain real world film experience and learn alongside industry professionals. As Dustin Whitehead, HERO Director and Producer said, “a huge focus of this project is the process.” It’s a safe space to build skills and grow a professional network.

The film will take place in Columbia, South Carolina. Aligning with Local Cinema’s mission to incorporate film into communities and communities into film, there will be local Columbia ambassadors who will have the opportunity to host students, deliver food, or even be extras on set. Local artists, musicians, and actors will also be featured in the film. For more information on how to get involved please contact:

Local Cinema Studios is excited to film and share HERO with the world, and more specifically with Columbia, South Carolina, which is a true partner. It is a personal film based on the lives of the creators and grounded in that reality of life, and is sure to touch the lives of many.

Follow HERO on Instagram (@herofeaturefilm) and watch the journey unfold!

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